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A few words about us

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Medically supervised detox programs in Phuket. A combination of of wellness, detox and fitness breaks in our unique resort located where the air is pure on a hill in Phuket, Thailand. Detoxify your body and soul, re energize your mind and spirit.

While there are a number of detox resorts in Phuket and indeed a growing number throughout Thailand, none have our unique health programs that are medically supervised by our own doctors and trained staff, providing you with an alternative health program with evidence based results that is safe and available for everyone to participate in.

A place where East meets West

How it all came to be…

Arogya was founded by a small team of doctors and health professional with the aim to providing safe and medically supervised detox and wellness programs that additionally combine the healing benefits of Thailand’s natural herbs and plants.

No experimental treatment is provided at Arogya, we use only that which is scientifically proven to work.

Our approach is simple but effective, & our team are always on hand to help with every aspect of your day to day program be it a detox, wellness, fitness or weight loss.

Wellness Program Selection

  • Yoga Spa Retreat
    A perfect introduction to wellness adjustment before entering a detox path
  • Fit & Firm
    Step up from the yoga spa program to increase your fitness level
  • Basic Cleanse
    Increase your energy; strengthen your immune system
  • Ultimate Cleanse
    Full medically supervised Detox Program leaving you revitalized & rejuvenated

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